Semester I

Week 1

Wednesday, January 8th

In Class Pretest

Thursday, January 9th:

In Class: Pretest, Domain and range day 1

Day 2-Domain and Range

HW: Finish Day 2-domainandrangeworksheet_2

Friday, January 10th

In Class: domain, Range, and Intercepts day 2, Flashcards

Day 2-domainandrangeworksheet_2


Week 2

Monday, January 13th

In Class: Warm Up, EOCT #1, Q & A Review-domain, range, and intercepts, Flashcards, Notes-increase and decrease

Day 3-increase and decrease

HW: Worksheet-Increase or Decrease

Tuesday, January 14th

In Class: Warm Up, EOCT #2, Review increase and Decrease, Notes-Postive and Negative,

Day 4-positive and negative

HW: Problems 1-6 (Quiz Review)

Wednesday, Janauary 15th

In Class: Warm up, EOCT #3, Homework Answers, Flashcards-increase and Decrease, Notes-Max and Min

Day 5-Max and Min

HW: 7-10 (Quiz Review)

Thursday, January 16th

In Class: Warm up, EOCT #4, Homework Check #1, Flashcards-max and Min, Notes-End Behavior, Review stations-characteristics of graphs

Day 6-end behavior, Review Stations, Answer Sheet for stations

HW: Finish Quiz review! Quiz tomorrow!

Friday, January 17th

In Class: Warm up, EOCT #5, Homework Answers, Quiz #1-Characteristics of Graphs

Day 7-Characteristics Quiz day

HW: Have a great 3 day weekend 🙂

Week 3

Monday, January 20th-NO SCHOOL MLK

Tuesday, January 21st

In Class, Warm up, Week 2 EOCT #1, Quiz answers and scores, Notes-Rate of change from table, graph, and equation


HW: Finish CW-Day 8-ROClinear HW page 2

Wednesday, January 23rd

In Class: Warm Up, EOCT #2, Notes-Rate of Change (linear and exponential)

HW: Finish CW Day 9-ROC CW

Thursday, January 24th

In Class: Warm up, EOCT #3, Whiteboard Review, Symmetry Graphing activity, Notes-symmetry from ordered pairs

day 11-Symmetry, Day 11-Symmetry Patty Paper Activity, day 11-Symmetry from points Notes

HW Day 11-Symmetry HW

Friday, January 24th

In Class: Warm up (collect), EOCT #4, Review Characterisitcs-4 questions test preview, Notes-Comparing Linear and exponential Characterisitics

day 12-Comparing, Comparing Functions Notes


Week 4

Monday, January 27th

In Class: Warm up, EOCT Week 2 winner, EOCT  week 3-#1, Characterisitcs Review-challenge problem and Race, Finish Friday’s Classwork, Ticket to Go-Comparing ROC and Y Intercepts.

Day 13-Comparing day 2, Comparing Functions CW

HW: Characteristics study guide (Just 1-10)

Tuesday, January 28th

In Class: Warm up, EOCT #2, Review for Test-Group Contents

Review for Characteristics test

HW: STUDY FOR TEST and finish study guide!

Wednesday, January 29th – Thursday, January 30th NO SCHOOL SNOW DAY

Friday, January 31st

In Class: Warm Up, Review for Test , TEST #1-Characterisitcs


Week 5

Monday, February 3rd

In Class: Warm up, Test Scores and Grade check, Notes-intro to statistics and Measures of CENTER, Learn to use calculator for stats 🙂

day 1-Measures of CENTER TE

HW: Find data from CW

Tuesday, February 4th

In Class: Warm up, Homework Answers, Big Foot Activity-Outliers and measures of CENTER

Day 2-outliers ad measures of Central Tendency, Day 2-Big Foot Activity

HW: Day 2-Outliers and Measures of CENTER HW

Wednesday, February 5th

In Class: Warm Up, EOCT, Notes-Spread, Range, MAD

day 3-MAD and Range TE

HW: Day 3 Mean and MAD WS

Thursday, February 6th

In Class: Warm up, EOCT, Homework Answers, Notes-outliers and IQR, Worktime

day4-IQR and Outliers, Notes and CW IQR and outlires together

HW: Outlier and IQR worksheet-JUST FRONT SIDE

Friday, February 7th

In Class: Warm up, EOCT, Quiz-Statistics

Stats Quiz Day

HW: Enjoy your weekend 🙂

Week 6

Monday, February 10th

In Class: Warm up, EOCT #1, Quiz Scores and Answers, Notes-Box and Whiskers day 1, CW-Ticket to go (extra credit for quiz) and homework

Day 6-Box and Whisker day 1, Ticket to Go-Center and Spread

HW: Box and Whisker HW

Tuesday, February 11th- Friday, February 14th


Week 7

Monday, February 17th

In Class: Warm Up, EOCT #1, Review-Box and Whiskers, Group Work-Graded CW

Day 7-Box and Whisker day 2 TE, Day 7 CW-Interpreting Box and Whisker Plots – Worksheet

HW: Day 7- Box-and-Whisker Worksheet HW

Tuesday, February 18th

In Class: Warm Up, EOCT #2, HW CHECK, Notes-Dot plots and histograms

Day8-Dot Plots and Histograms

HW: Dot plot and histogram Homework

Wednesday, February 19th

In Class: Warm up, EOCT #3, HW answers, Notes-Skewness and shape of graph

HW: Worksheet

Thursday, February 20th

In Class: Warm up, EOCT #4, HW answers, Review for test-Group work, Work on study guide

Day Unit 4 (part 1) Review

HW: Stats Part I Review. TEST IS TOMORROW

Week 8-9 EVANS OUT

 Week 10 

Monday, March 10th

In class: warm up, EOCT, Stations review for Test #2

Stats Part II Review Day

HW: Study Guide

Tuesday, March 11th

In Class: Warm up, Review for test, Test #2-Stats Part II

Stats Part II Test Day


Wednesday, March 12th

In Class: Warm up, EOCT, Finish Test, Intro to geometry-foldable



Week 11

Tuesday March 18

In Class: Warm up, EOCT, Notes(rotations)

Notes: Rotations

Wednesday March 19

In Class: Warm Up, EOCT, Computer Lab for EOCT

HW: None

Thursday March 20

In Class: Warm Up, EOCT, Transformation practice Golf

HW: Study Guide for Quiz

Week 14

Monday April 21st

In Class: Warm Up, EOCT, Notes Parallel and Perp

Things that could help for this week Distance and Midpoint

Tuesday April 22nd

In Class: Warm Up EOCT Notes Area & Perimeter on the Coordinate Plane

Wednesday April 23rd

In Class: Warm Up, EOCT, Notes Prove Quads Notes

Thursday April 24th

In Class: Warm Up EOCT, finished notes from day before

Friday April 25th

In Class: Warm Up, EOCT, QUIZ


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