Semester I

Week 1

Wednesday, January 8th

In Class: Review right triangle trig functions, CW-Practice Problems

Day 1-Review Trig Ratios, Day 1-Trig Practice


Thursday, January 9th

In Class: Flood Light FAL-Pre Assessment


Friday, January 10th

In Class: Flood Light FAL-Group activities, Post Assessment


Week 2

Monday, January 13th

In Class: Warm up, EOCT #1, Notes-classifying numbers, order of operations and properties, CW-Practice WKS

Day 1-irrational and rational numbers

Tuesday, January 14th

In Class: Warm up, EOCT #2, HW Answers, Notes-Simplifying radicals with numbers, CW-Practice Problems

day 2-Simplifying radicals with numbers

HW: Worksheet-Simplifying Radicals

Wednesday, January 15th

In Class: Warm up, EOCT #3, Homework answers, Notes-Rationalizing denominator, Simplifying with variables, CW-Evens in worksheet

Simplifying Radicals CW (Page 2 Evens), day 3-Simplifying radicals with Variables

HW: Worksheet-Simplifying with radicals

Thursday, January 16th

In Class: Warm up, EOCT #4, Homework Answers, Notes-multiplying, adding, and subtracting radicals, Review for quiz

day 4-multiplying, adding, and subtracting radicals, Simplifying Radicals Worksheets

HW: Radical Quiz Review, QUIZ IS TOMORROW!

Friday, January 17th

In Class: Warm up, EOCT #5, Homework Answers-Quiz Review, Quiz #1-Simplifying Radicals

day 5-Radicals Quiz


Week 3

Monday, January 2oth-No School MLK

Tuesday, January 21st

In Class: Warm up, Week 2 EOCT #1, Quiz Answers and scores, Notes-Simplifying expoents (adding, subtracting, basic  rules, multiplying, and Power to a Power)

Day 6-combining and multiplying exponents

HW: 4.5 – Exponent Rules Review 1-12, Combining Like terms

Wednesday, January 22nd


Graded CW assignment

Thursday, January 23rd

In Class: Warm up, EOCT #2 and #3, Notes-dividing with exponents, finding nth root, rewriting rational exponents

Day 7-Dividing exponents, Nth root and radical exponents

HW: Worksheet-Exponent and Radicals

Friday, January 24th

In Class: Warm up, EOCT #4, Notes-practice retwriting root to power and power to root, operations with rational exponents

Day 8-operations with rational exponents


Week 4

Monday, January 27th

In Class: Warm up, Grade Check, Eoct Week 2 Winners, EOCT Week 3-#1, Review Exponent Rules, Rewriting Race, Finish notes-rational exponent Notes, Classwork-Simplifying with rational exponents

Day 9-operations with rational exponents day 2, Simplifying Rational Exponents Practice

HW: Quiz Review Worksheet

Tuesday, January 28th

In Class: Warm up, EOCT #2, Study guide answers and review for quiz, Quiz-Rational Exponents

Day 10-Rational Exponents Quiz day

HW: None

Wednesday, January 29th – Thursday, January 30th – NO SCHOOL SNOW DAY

Friday, January 31st

In Class: Warm Up, Quiz Answers and Scores, Notes-intro to imaginary numbers, FAL-Preassessment

Day 11-Intro to complex number system



Monday, February 3rd

In Class: Warm Up, Whiteboard Review- Expressions, FAL-Matching activity

Day 12-FAL interpreting Expressions


Tuesday, February 5th

In Class: Warm up, Notes-Adding and subtracting with i, Finish FAL, Work on Homework

day 13-adding and subracting imaginary

HW: Worksheet-Problems on back (22-41)

Wednesday, February 5th

In Class: Warm up, EOCT, Collect Homework, Notes-Skills check, Multiplying complex numbers

day 14-multiplying complex numbers

HW: Operations with Complex Numbers (Just front, EVENS)

Thursday, February 6th

In Class: Warm Up, EOCT, Homework Answers, Notes-Review, Dividing Complex, Ticket to Go-CW Grade

day 15-dividing complex

HW: Quiz review

Friday, February 7th

In CLass: Warm up, Review for Quiz-HW and CW answers, Quiz #3-Complex numbers

Day 16-Quiz #3 COMPLEX numbers

HW: Enjoy your weekend 🙂

Week 6

In Class: Warm up, EOCT #1, Quiz answers and Scores, Test Review, CW-TIcket to go (Extra credit for quiz)

Review for Test, Ticket to Go-Quiz #3 EC

HW: Test Review-Complex Numbers, Complex Numbers Test Review-ANSWERS

Tuesday, February 11th – Friday, February 14th

Week 7

Monday, February 17th

In Class: Warm up, Collect Study guide, TEST #1


Tuesday, February 18th

In Class: Warm up, EOCT #1 and #2, Intro to Quadratic Functions-Graphing and important vocab

Day 1-Graphing Quads with Tables

HW: Day 1- Graphing with tables HW

Wednesday, February 18th

In Class: Warm up, EOCT #3, Homework Answers, Notes-Graphing Quadratic Functions in Standard Form

Day 2-Graphing Quads with standard

HW day 2-Page 1 Graphing in standard HW, Day 2-Page 2 Graphing in Standard HW

Thursday, February 20th

In Class: Warm up, EOCT #4, Homework Answers, Investigation-Transformations and Quadratic Functions

Graphing Quadratics-Lab-Pages 4 and 5

HW: Day 3-Transfromation HW

Week 8-9 EVANS OUT

 Week 10

Monday, March 10th  

In Class: Warm ups, EOCT, HW Answers, Notes-GCF of polynomials and factoring when a=1 and using GCF

Day 1- Solving Quadratic Equations Using Square Roots – HW – ANSWERS(3)

Day 2-Factor by GCF

HW: Day 2- Factoring GCF & Trinomials – CW

Tuesday, March 11th

In Class: Warm up, EOCT, HW answers/Questions, Notes-factor when last term is negative, Skills Check-CW

Day 3-last term negative, Day 3-Skills Check #1

HW: Day 3-Factoring Trinomials a is 1 and c is neg

Wednesday, March 12th

In Class: Warm up, EOCT, Go over Skills check, HW answers, Notes- factor when a does not = 1

Day 4-a not 1

HW:  Day 4- Factoring Trinomial – HW

Thursday, March 13

In Class: Warm Up, EOCT, Mini review, finished notes for box method

a not 1

Hw: Study notes for quiz tomorrow

Week 11

Monday March 17

In Class:  Warm up, EOCT, Went over Quiz, Notes(special cases and solving)

Special Cases and solving by factoring

Hw: Solving Quadratic equations

Tuesday March 18

In Class: Warm up, EOCT,Went over HW( Solve by Factoring HW – KEY) Notes, CW

Notes: Solving by factoring word problems

HW: Solve by Factoring and graphing day 2 Homework(7)

Wednesday March 19

In Class: Warm Up, EOCT, Went over HW, White board Review (review for quiz)

HW: Study Guide(due in class tomorrow)

Thursday March 20

In Class: Warm Up, EOCT, Review ?s, Quiz

HW: None

Friday March 21


Monday March 24

In Class: Warm Up, EOCT, Notes(Quadratics Formula)

Discriminent and quad formula

Tuesday March 25

In Class: Worksheets

Wednesday March 26

In Class: Warm Up, EOCT, Notes(Inequalities)


Thursday March 27

In Class: Warm Up, EOCT, Notes(Word Problems)

Word Problems

Friday March 28

In Class: Warmu Up, EOCT, Review whiteboard game Review Game for Test

HW: Review with Notes

Answers: Review with Notes – ANSWERS


Monday March 31st

In Class: Review for test 7.7 – Review with Notes – ANSWERS

Tuesday April 1st

In Class: TEST

Wednesday April 2nd

In Class: Basketball activity

Thursday April 3rd

In Class: Finished Tests, EOCT Diagnostic Tests

Friday April 4th

Week 14

Monday April 14th

In Class: Warm Up, Eoct, Notes Writing Equations of Circles

Tuesday April 15th

In Class: Warm Up, EOCT, HW Review, Notes Line intersection

Wednesday 16th

In Class: Warm Up, EOCT, HW Review, Notes Graphing Parabolas

Thursday 17th

In Class: Warm Up, EOCT, HW Review, Notes Writing Equations of Parabolas as Conics v2

Friday 18th

Week 15

Monday April 21st

In Class: Warm Up, EOCT, Notes Mutually Exclusive

Tuesday April 22nd

In Class: Warm Up EOCT, Notes Mutually Exclusive Practice

Wednesday April 23rd

In Class: Warm Up, EOCT, Notes Conditional Probability

Thursday April 24th

In Class: Warm Up EOCT, Notes More conditional Probability and dice activity

Friday April 25th

In Class: Warm Up, EOCT, Tests returned(answered questions), How odd activity ?s, Notes Independence

Week 16

Monday April 28th

In Class: Warm up, EOCT, Notes Dependent

HW: Review

Tuesday April 29th

In Class: Warm UP, EOCT, Review

HW: Test tomorrow

Wednesday 30th

Thursday May 1st and Friday May 2nd (Block Schedule)

In Class: EOCT Review

HW: Look at EOCT Diagnostic Test – KEY and EOCT Review   also do some USATESTPREP practice

Week 17

Monday May 5th


Tuesday May 6th


Wednesday May 7th

Things to Study from: EOCT Diagnostic Test – KEY , Geometry Unit 1-4 EOCT MC Study Guide KEY , Geometry Unit 5-7 EOCT MC Study Guide KEY also use USATEST Prep

Formula Sheet analytgeomformulas

Thursday May 8th

3rd period takes EOCT

Friday May 9th

4th period takes EOCT


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